Let me tell you a few things...

Gabriel Fînaru


Here should be that awesome description which makes even a recruiter from Google or Facebook to call me in the middle of the night for that perfect job.
You got it! It's not gonna happen because I like to sleep at that time.
In the beginning I promised I'll tell you a few things, well... few things :)
Just kidding. I never promised!

Zucchetti Romania SRL

Software Developer

The Zucchetti Group provides software, hardware and IT services to companies, accountants, labour consultants and trade associations who want to gain major competitive advantages and to rely on a single partner for all their IT needs.

Main activities

- drink coffee
- write some code
it's working. WHY?
- debug
not working. WHY?
- debug
- talk with colleagues
- insert new bugs to fix later

SC Cylex Tehnologia Informatiei SNC

Data Analyst

CYLEX operates over 30 online business directories, visited by more than 1 million unique users daily, reaching out to 5 continents and millions of customers worldwide. CYLEX took on the challenge of providing fast and simple ways in which users can find the right service anywhere.

Main activities

- playing with databases
- that's it
- OH! almost forgot. had coffee there too

What people can say about you... if you pay them well :)